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Pipere Brettell

Government Relations

Relevant Experience:

Pipere Brettell is one of the Catlett Law Firm’s primary lobbyists. Pipere has been representing clients before the Arkansas General Assembly since 2008 and is a member of the Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists.

Pipere specializes in developing and implementing public policy strategy for national and statewide trade associations, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Pipere has considerable knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes. She combines her knowledge of these processes with her close professional relationship with lawmakers and regulators to provide the firm’s clients with winning strategies, effective consulting, and grassroots mobilization. Her lobbying services are particularly focuses on the field of health policy. She represents clients at the Arkansas State capitol during legislative sessions, working with members and building coalitions to coordinate passage or defeat of legislation. The firm’s strong reputation for legislative advocacy has fostered strong relationships with state, local and federal officials.

Contact Information:

Tel: +1.501.725.8473