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Immigration services for businesses and individuals forms a growing part of the work of the International Practice Group. The technology, health care and manufacturing industries often need foreign nationals to work in the US offices for extended periods of time requiring compliance with the complex immigration laws. Speedy, efficient and knowledgeable processing of applications and petitions is important to our clients. Online systems can be specifically developed with major clients to handle large numbers of cases in a very efficient manner.

Mr. Charton’s first exposure to immigration was in 1989 helping asylum and refugee seekers prepare applications through the International Institute of Minnesota. Today, Mr. Charton practices immigration law in all areas, including: family-based immigration; employment based immigration; deportation defense; immigration related criminal matters; and asylum and refugee applications. Mr. Charton’s immigration assistance helps families stay united and helps businesses succeed when they cannot find U.S. workers with the necessary experience or expertise. Permanent residency green cards can, and often are, a person’s ticket to prosperity in America. Mr. Charton’s immigration experience has helped many families and businesses thrive.

Catlett Law Firm’s International Practice Group is composed of both lawyers and business professionals who understand the business and legal issues involved in an increasingly global economy. Each member’s knowledge and experience is geared toward obtaining the best possible solution for the client with a minimum of legal and regulatory impediments.

We offer legal services for:

  • US Immigration issues
  • US customs issues
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Negotiation and preparation of sales, distribution, license, franchise, acquisition and joint venture agreements
  • Contract preparation
  • Litigation and arbitration representation