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Business Planning and Financial Analysis

Planning is a critical function of business. Catlett Law Firm helps clients design the best business strategy for them. We work with clients to plan acquisition, financing and re-structuring in the most efficient legal and tax manner. We help develop Business Plans and counsel with executives and Boards of Directors regarding the issues affecting them in a combination of disciplines relating to law, business and finance.

Opening a new business or expanding the scope of an existing enterprise can involve a seemingly endless line of questions to be answered and tasks to be performed. Our staff includes experienced attorneys and skilled support staff which includes two Certified Public Accountants who are ready to assist in this complex process. Our team approach can help guide your business through the maze of queries and avoid pitfalls that will, at best distract you from what you do best: run your business. At worst, simple mistakes at the outset of a new business venture can often spell disaster in the future.

The services we provide and questions we can answer vary as greatly as our highly valued and loyal client base:

  • An S-Corporation or Limited Liability Corporation, which is best for me?
  • I have found a market for my product or service, what do I need to get the business started without spending a lot of money?
  • Business is great and 1 need to add more employees. What impact will this workforce expansion have on my duties under the law?
  • I am a sole proprietor but I am considering taking on partners. What do I need to do to protect my investment and promote a good working relationship?
  • I am considering a merger with a similar business. What are the tax ramifications?
  • My business needs to expand and I want to find investors. What is the best way to go about doing this?


Special technical rules are involved when a business desires to franchise within the US or abroad. Franchising is one of the various techniques for growing your business without a large investment.